Root Vegetable Tagine

For Passover, I was responsible for bringing a vegetable dish to the seder. Not being able to use any bread or grains knocked out a lot of possible recipes, and it had to be something I could make on Sunday and then easily reheat the next day. With all those criteria to deal with, a stew-like dish made sense. This root vegetable tagine had an unusual sour-sweet flavor profile that I enjoyed, and I hope everyone else did too (both my parents and the family hosting asked if I could leave leftovers, which I took as a good sign). The only part that didn't work were the roasted chickpeas - they were great right after I made them, but didn't hold up the next day. I'd recommend making those day-of and if you can't, skip 'em.

Used this recipe from Bon Appetit. I didn't make any adjustments, so I won't just rewrite it below. I really need to mix it up a little, this is turning into a Bon Appetit fan blog...

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