Haggis is Good

Just got back from a wonderful week of vacation with Sky in Scotland, where we had lots of tasty meals. I won't recount them all here, since this is supposed to be about cooking, but wanted to note some of the places we ate at and would highly recommend:

- The Olive Branch Bistro (Edinburgh): cozy place with great food (sort of modern Scottish) featuring a lot of locally-sourced ingredients
- Smoke Stack (Edinburgh): very good burgers, almost everything was from local farms and the space had a very cool vibe
- The Tolbooth (Stonehaven): excellent seafood with a lovely view of the harbor, the picture at the top is of the turbot I had there
- Castle Terrace (Edinburgh): absolutely incredible food, super pricey but an unforgettable dinner

I had haggis at a pub in Stirling and thought it was really tasty, kind of like a more savory and juicier meatloaf with a slightly chewier texture. Not scary at all, but not sure I'd be able or willing to make it at home. Also had solid fish and chips (perfect comfort food for a cold night) at the Cumberland Bar in Edinburgh, which has inspired me to try to make it once it gets cold. All in all, a fantastic trip!

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