Pickled Pink

Pickled red onions are one of my favorite taco toppings - not only do they add an appetizing flash of hot pink to the plate, they also offer the crunch and acidity that meaty tacos desperately need. There were three red onions in last week's CSA box, which ended up being way too many, so I thought I'd pickle one to keep for later. A warning: the apartment smelled like vinegar for a long, long time after they had cooled and were packed away in the fridge.

Also, almost all of the recipes called for apple cider vinegar, which I didn't have. I used white wine vinegar, added a little more sugar, and I don't think the onions were wise to the switch. I ended up using some of the proportions from this recipe, but without all the fancy business it calls for.

Total time to cook: 10 minutes

One medium red onion, cut into thin slices
3/4 cup white wine vinegar
4 tbsp sugar
1 tsp kosher salt
1 dried red chile

- In a small saucepan, combine the vinegar, sugar, salt and dried red chile
- Heat the vinegar mixture over medium heat until it starts to boil
- Add the onions, stir for about 30 seconds
- Take the saucepan off the heat and let everything cool
- Transfer liquid and onions to a storage container and refrigerate
- Drain before serving

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