Macedonian Salad

Or at least that's what my boyfriend tells me. He spent a summer in Macedonia, so I trust him. But it's basically a Greek salad. It's crisp, it's got a hit of oregano and the tart white wine vinegar gives it a punch.

Total time to cook: 10 minutes

2 small tomatoes, chopped into approx. 1-inch chunks
1 small cucumber, chopped into approx. 1-inch chunks
1/4 cup coarsely chopped red onions
Chunk of feta
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp white wine vinegar
Dried oregano

- Mix tomatoes, cucumbers and red onions.
- Crumble feta on top.
- Pour in olive oil and white wine vinegar.
- Mix it all up.
- Add a dash of oregano and pepper.
- Serve cold.

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